Q&A with local vendor, Sunburst Trout Farms

Chestnut, and Corner Kitchen, partner with many local farmers and vendors. Featuring local products like, jams, honey, mustard, meats, seafood, milk, cream, cheeses, eggs and so much more is incredibly important to us. Why? Because it stimulates our local economy and it tastes GREAT!

This month we are showcasing Sunburst Trout Farms. Here’s what we buy from them: Rainbow Trout fillets for our dinner menu item:
Pan Seared Sunburst Trout: Parmesan Polenta Croutons, Marinated Local Squash, Citrus Dill Lump Crab, Caper Berries, Tarragon Butter (this is on our July menu; item may change in August).

1. Give us the “origin story” for your operation

We were founded in 1948 in Cashiers, NC by Dick Jennings Jr. originally as Cashiers Valley Trout Farm. Fast forward 70 years, our name has been changed 3 times, we are owned and run by the third generation, Wes and Ben Eason, and have moved our production facility to Canton, NC and then again to Waynesville, NC. Our fish still swim in Canton, but are brought into our new processing facility up to 4 times a week, held in recirculating tanks, and processed fresh to order. Sunburst Trout Farms is constantly changing and evolving to meet the ever growing needs and demands of our customers.

2. What is your list of products? 

Rainbow Trout fillets, caviar (3 flavors), hickory smoked fillets, cold smoked fillets, pastrami style cold smoked fillets, marinated and encrusted fillets, smoked trout dip, pimento goat cheese (no trout in there!), and trout sausage.

3. Where is your distribution range? 

We deliver locally twice a week and distribute across the contiguous US 3-4 days a week through Fedex.

4. Who are the important people in your organization?

The farm is owned and run by brothers, Wes and Ben Eason. Their sister runs our market, the Sunburst Market, on Main St in downtown Waynesville, NC. It is truly remarkable that each sibling has a different skill set and are able to positively affect the business.

5. Any anecdotes about your crew?

Most of our processors have become good friends, no matter the age span, and take outings together on their days off. The biggest outing they coordinated was a day trip down to Carowinds together.

6. What’s next for you and your company?

We are celebrating the first ever #NationalRainbowTroutDay on August 2, 2018! This date has many meanings as it is our founders birthday, he passed away last year. We registered this day to celebrate him and the other trailblazers in the rainbow trout industry, as well as the fish we all love, Rainbow Trout.

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