Lobster Bisque

Chestnut Lobster Bisque is one of a few items that you may never see come off our menu. It is a classic in our opinion and loved by many of our devoted guests. Many of these guests would riot in the streets if we tried to take it away from them. It is a soup that takes a lot of preparation but has a huge payoff in the end. It all starts with developing the most delicious lobster stock possible. Then it is thickened to the perfect consistency so that when you add cream and half and half it is smooth, silky, coats the spoon and more importantly the tongue well, but not too thick. Top it with some Troy and Son’s cream and some diced chives and you have something that people may literally kill for.


Lobster Bisque

Yield: 20 Portions

2 TBSP      Vegetable Oil
½ quart    Mirepoix (2 pt onions-1 pt carrots-1 pt celery)
1 cup          Tomato Paste
5 lbs.          Lobster bodies (claws ok too)
2 TBSP      Black Peppercorns
2 each        Bay leaves
3 sprigs      Fresh Thyme
2 TBSP       Garlic, minced
1 Gallon     Water
1 quart        Clam Juice
1 pt.             White Wine
2 Ounces    Brandy (the cheap stuff)
½ cup         Sherry (dry, cheap as well)

Take all rubber bands off claws. Roast Lobster bodies until fully cooked, crispy but not burnt. Prepare mirepoix in a rough chop. Brown the onions in the oil. Add celery and carrots, Add Tomato Paste and allow to cook for a little while, so it browns too. Add roasted Lobster Bodies. Smash them with a mallet until well broken up. Add everything else and simmer for 45 minutes. Using the large mixing stick, grind up about 50% of the soup base. Strain and store.

To make Lobster Bisque “Base”:

Melt ½ lbs. of whole butter. Add enough all purpose flour to create a slurry with the same look and feel as sand at low tide. Add ½ Gallon of Lobster Stock. Bring to a boil. Cool and store.

To finish Lobster Bisque:

Use one ½ gallon of Bisque base, add 1 quart Half and Half and 1 quart Heavy Cream, Bring to a boil and season to taste with Salt and Pepper Mix. Add Lemon Juice and Brandy to taste.

 Troy and Son’s Cream:

½  Cups Heavy Cream
2 TBSP Troy and Sons Oak Reserve
Salt and Pepper Mix (S&P)

Method: Using the Tabletop mixer, whip cream until just beginning to obtain soft peaks. Add Troy and Son’s and season to taste with S&P mix.

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